NHS pension transfer

NHS pension transfer

A stalled NHS pension transfer to Australia can be moved to New Zealand

Thousands of NHS pension transfers have been stalled following the removal of Australian QROPS from the QROPS list.
With little chance of Australian QROPS returning to the QROPS list many people are choosing to redirect their previously initiated NHS pension transfer to a New Zealand QROPS.
If you have previously applied for a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value and were in the process of an NHS pension transfer to an Australian QROPS you can easily switch your NHS pension transfer to a New Zealand superannuation scheme. But be warned this is the final chance to transfer out (as the NHS will allow this one-off redirect)
If you select the right type of QROPS in New Zealand you can also get a lot of benefits, including:

  • No longer being at the mercy of UK pension changes
  • The flexibility of being in a QROPS and therefore able to transfer out of the scheme in the future (unlike being stuck in an Australian scheme if you transfer into it)
  • Having significant tax advantages over leaving it in the UK to be paid as a pension to you in Australia

We have moved hundreds of NHS pensions from the UK to New Zealand and can help you now. But time is limited as the NHS will not hold open transfers. Avoid delay and contact us today to unstick your NHS pension transfer.

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Loads of benefits in
transferring to New Zealand

Many British expatriates living in Australia transfer their UK pensions to New Zealand wanting to get the funds closer to where they live, protect themselves from any nasty future legislative changes and reduce their tax liability…read more

Avoid the hurt of more UK
pension changes

The UK government has been at it again reducing previously guaranteed minimum pension by implementing a new flat rate pension. These changes have reduced some unfunded UK pensions by up to £30,000…read more

It is easy to transfer
a UK pension to NZ

New Zealand is a popular destination for UK pension transfers due to its robust legislative environment. What’s more transferring your NHS pension to a New Zealand QROPS is easy, even when you live in Australia, because of our deep experience and teams in the UK and New Zealand.

Over $30m

in NHS pensions we have
transferred to NZ QROPS

Average $200k transfer

but we transfer small and large
NHS pensions

3 months

the average transfer time
utilising our UK and Australasia teams

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