Standard Life Pension transfer

standard life pension transfer

moving your
Standard Life
pension to a
New Zealand QROPS
could be a
great move

Benefit financially with a Standard Life pension transfer

Standard Life, as one of the largest personal and group personal pension providers in the United Kingdom, run pensions for thousands of people that have migrated to New Zealand and Australia. Provided that you have not purchased an annuity with your Standard Life pension you can potentially transfer it to a New Zealand superannuation scheme, and there are plenty of great reasons for doing that.
In our experience Standard Life are are extremely efficient and well run UK pension provider and easy to deal with when transferring your pension to New Zealand. This is extremely important as getting a pension to New Zealand quickly can save on uncertainty around exchange rates as well as save on tax. We have moved hundreds of Standard Life pensions from the UK to New Zealand and can help you now.

Over $12m

in transfers we’ve done from
Standard Life to NZ QROPS

Average $50k

We transfer small and large
Standard Life pensions

1 month

average transfer time
utilising our UK and Australasia teams

Loads of benefits in
transferring to New Zealand

By moving your Standard Life pension funds to New Zealand you end up with your funds closer to where you live, protect yourself from any nasty future UK legislative changes and reduce your future tax liability.
New Zealand superannuation plans offer the advantage of tax free pension payments, wide investment choice and the ability to hold your funds in a number of different currencies like New Zealand dollars, British pounds and Australia dollars. Furthermore, you also get the protection of the schemes being registered with New Zealand and Australian disputes resolution providers and regulatory authorities.

Avoid the hurt of more UK
pension changes

Ever since the first set of major regulatory changes that were introduced in the UK on 6 April 2006 (known as A-day) the only constant in the UK pension market has been change. From the banning of pension transfers for UK unfunded public sector pensions to the constant reduction of the life-time allowances, pensions have been a furtive stamping ground for the HMRC (the UK tax authority).
And the UK government has been at it again reducing previously guaranteed minimum pension by implementing a new flat rate pension. These changes have reduced some unfunded UK pensions by up to £30,000…read more

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