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Australian residents can transfer their UK pensions to NZ
– and enjoy all the benefits of NZ QROPS

Australian residents can only transfer their UK pensions to an Australian QROPS once they turn 55 years old. Even when reaching that age there are a number of issues that need to be contended with such contributions caps, tax on the transfer and the type of scheme that you can transfer into in Australia. Not to mention if you will still be able to transfer out of the UK by the time you reach 55 years old. All these factors make a transfer to Australia a very complex decision.
The introduction of the Overseas Transfer Charge (OTC) has meant that to transfer your UK pension out of the UK to anywhere other than Australia means a 25% tax charge on the transfer. So while this has made transfers to New Zealand less attractive, they need to be considered in the light of potential tax charges in Australia of either leaving the pension in the UK or transferring it once you are 55 years old.
The great news is that New Zealand superannuation schemes that are registered as Qualifying Recognising Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) with the HMRC and are registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to offer the scheme in Australia are the perfect solution for Australian pension transfers. Such New Zealand schemes provide a host of benefits from Australian and Sterling denominated funds and tax efficiency when compared with UK schemes.

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Advantages of a transfer

Many British expatriates living in Australia transfer their UK pensions to New Zealand wanting to get the funds closer to where they live, protect themselves from any nasty future legislative changes and reduce their tax liability…read more

Types of QROPS

There are many QROPS in New Zealand and it is not a case of one size fits all. Schemes run from self-administered schemes offering ultimate investment flexibility, through to schemes offering life-stage investment offerings. Each type of scheme have different characteristics and it is important that you choose the scheme that best meets your needs…read more

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Tax on Australian pension transfers

If you are tax resident in Australia and transfer your UK pension from the United Kingdom to New Zealand you will pay an OTC of 25%. However, if you then move to New Zealand within 5 years of the transfer the tax that you paid will be refunded to your pension fund. Once in New Zealand your funds can grow tax free and be paid to you in Australia tax free…read more

Tax after a transfer

Investors are now more conscious of their post-tax investment returns, especially when recent financial market performance is considered. For Australian pension transfers from the United Kingdom to a New Zealand QROPS can enjoy significant tax benefits if they transfer into a scheme that offers tax free growth on their investments…read more

Full regulatory protection

Australian pension transfers get full regulatory protection from ASIC as Australian pension schemes must be registered in Australia. Fortunately New Zealand QROPS can register in Australia under the mutual recognition agreement that exists between New Zealand and Australia.
This gives investors in ASIC registered NZ QROPS the full protection of ASIC in Australia and the FMA in New Zealand…read more

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very stress free

Thank you Cambel for your help and guidance throughout this process in getting my pension transferred (very stress free for me). It is greatly appreciated and I would certainly recommend you and Charter Square to others who are interested in transferring their pension.

David R, New Zealand

You guys rock!

I just wanted to say a great big thank you to you and your team. You are all totally awesome. I received a cheque yesterday from the Prudential to apologise for the ‘recent inconvenience’ that I had experienced. Thank you for doing this for me. You guys rock!

Noelle B, New Zealand

professional, insightful

Charter Square were professional, insightful and a pleasure to work with. They rose to the challenge of consolidating my overseas pensions and bringing them home with minimum fuss for me and maximum effort on their part.

Jens H, New Zealand

thorough, professional and prompt

Very thorough, professional and prompt service from the team at Charter Square. Thanks for making the bewildering world of pension transfers super simple.

Jules T, New Zealand

Best party to deal with

Thank you kindly for keeping in touch with me. For now, I will not be moving my pension. I will however be keeping your details and referring back to you when I wish to pursue. You by far are the best party to deal with, no nonsense, professional and in my opinion genuine. I do sincerely thank you for your advice to date.

GE, New Zealand


Securing the freedom to use savings that are actually ours to work with has been stressful in the extreme. While I never planned on giving up there were many times when the current (UK) holder made the whole process seem well beyond my determination and ability. It’s easy to look at the 36 month history of this claim with the benefit of hindsight, but the conclusion is that employing Charter Square in the first instance would have been wise had I been able to anticipate the red-tape that appears to have been deliberately created to stall access.

CP, Auckland
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