Just like your health your UK pension
needs constant check ups
– well before you retire –

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our FREE full diagnosis of your UK pension includes


Full pension review

We will fully review your UK pension entitlements and what aspects are crucial for you to understand

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Tax position analysis

A comparison of your tax position in leaving your pension in the UK versus transferring it to New Zealand

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Any current or future regulatory changes that will impact you will be fully explained, as well as, how they will individually affect you

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Staying or going

Find out what happens to your pension if you move to another country in the future, whether you’ve transferred it or not

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Financial impact

The complete financial impact of either leaving your pension in the UK or moving it to New Zealand will be assessed

Our free UK pension assessment is a deep report on your UK pension and the implications of leaving it in the UK versus transferring it to New Zealand. The report contains our firms 16 years of pension transfer experience and all the expertise we have as the authority on QROPS and UK pension transfers in New Zealand. The report is intended to provide you all the information you need to get to make a decision on whether to transfer your UK pension to New Zealand or leave it in the UK.