Pension Transfer Calculators: hacks for success

Our pension transfer calculators are designed to help you understand some of the important numbers that will impact your decisions on a UK pension. These calculators are not a substitute for thorough analysis but are a starting point to help you understand more about your UK pension, the options available and the impact of leaving it in the UK or moving it to New Zealand.

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We do not track, keep or use any of the information that you put into any of our calculators.

Pension transfer calculator: Final salary scheme valuer

This pension transfer calculator estimates the value of final salary pensions.

Enter a few details on your employment in the UK and this handy calculator will give you a rough guide to the cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) of your final salary pension. The CETV is the amount of money that your final salary scheme will transfer to another pension scheme to buy you out of their obligation to provide a pension.

What you need to know

The valuation of a final salary pension is dependent on many variables, including: interest rates; marital status; types of GMP included in the pension and many more. This is intended as a guide only and should not be used as the primary basis for making important financial decisions. To get a truly accurate valuation and picture on your contact us today.

Pension transfer calculator: Leave versus transfer value comparator

This pension transfer calculator looks at the differences in value of your pension if you transfer it now versus leaving the transfer until later.

The value of a pension or transfer is dependent on the growth rates that you expect to achieve, your tax rate (which is determined by your salary) and how long you have been in New Zealand – to name a few variables.

What you should know

The analysis only looks at the schedule method of tax in New Zealand, makes assumptions about taxable growth in New Zealand schemes, and does not look at any UK taxes that might be applicable.

It is important to speak to a professional about your UK pensions and any decisions to transfer them.

Pension transfer calculator: NZ tax under the Schedule Method

This pension transfer calculator estimates the tax on transfer of your UK pension to New Zealand.

Simply slide the current value of your UK pension to be transferred to New Zealand, the date you arrived in New Zealand and the current exchange rate. This will then give an approximation of the tax that you will need to pay on transferring your pension to New Zealand under the schedule method.

What you should know

There are two methods for calculating your tax on a pension transfer to New Zealand – the schedule method and the formula method. You get to use whichever method gives you the lowest tax outcome. The formula method requires more research into your pensions.

We are always happy to talk through the tax implications and some of the methods that you might be able to use to mitigate your tax bill on a transfer (there are many of them).

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