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It’s a big decision to transfer a UK pension

If you’re thinking of transferring your UK pension to New Zealand you need to consider what benefits you are giving up with your UK pension, your tax position on transfer (and after transfer) and what is the best scheme for you in New Zealand, to name a few things.

Because these are all complex issues thousands of people have trusted us with their UK pension transfers because of our robust advice, clear explanations, independence and thorough process.


Five pension transfer traps

Transferring a pension is a complex decision with many pitfalls like: not realising that a tax obligation can be created on transfer which needs to be paid independently; an unwavering belief that a UK defined benefit pension scheme should never be transferred; or, people thinking that QROPS are a one size fits all solution.
Find out the common traps and how they can be easily overcome…read more

What we do

Established in 1999 we are the leading independent expert on UK pension transfers to New Zealand. Because we are independent of any NZ qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes (QROPS) every client gets the right solution.
We know that it all starts with assessing whether you should even move your UK pension… get your free assessment today

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Steps to transfer success

Getting an accurate picture of your UK pension and what it means to leave it there or transfer it to New Zealand is the first step. After that is deciding on the right NZ scheme and the investments within the scheme. Then comes the transfer. But don’t forget to monitor it after the transfer.
See how we ensure you are taken care every step of the way …read more

What our clients say

We get lots of great feedback from our clients everyday because of the fullness of service we offer.
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We’re the media recognised experts on QROPS and UK pension transfers

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Transfers for New Zealand residents

For New Zealand residents understanding the IRD rules around tax on pension transfers, what happens if you leave your pension in the UK and it comes into payment and how you can manage exchange rates are all important.
A lot of decisions boil down to the tax effect of transferring a pension, what your future plans might look like, and what the best QROPS structure in New Zealand is for you…read more for New Zealand residents.

Transfers for Australian residents

New Zealand superannuation schemes have always been a great option for Australian residents and the recent removal of almost all Australian QROPS has simply reinforced this. New Zealand super schemes that are registered on the mutual recognition register (between Australia and New Zealand) may be offered into Australia and represent a legitimate option for Australian residents for a multitude of reasons, from investment and tax planning to provision of greater flexibility…read more

What exactly is a

QROPS stands for Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. A New Zealand superannuation scheme is an “Overseas Pension Scheme”. It becomes “Recognised” by agreeing to follow rules set down by the HMRC regarding when and how people can access their funds. Finally, it becomes “Qualifying” by following the HMRC rules on reporting…read more


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