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UK Gov rules to effect 40% of all UK pensions

In unheralded changes to the UK pension system the latest budget has proposed that public sector final salary schemes will no longer be transferrable from 6 April. This effects NHS, Teachers, Local Government and more pensions

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NHS, Teachers, Armed Forces, Civil Service Pensions, Police and Firefighters pensions will be non-transferrable post 6 April 2014

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Does your QROPS stack up?

Thinking abut transferring your UK pension (or already transferred your pension and wondering whether you have made the right choice). Let us review your position to see if the choice was best for you!

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Tax on transfers

Tax plays a big part in the transfer decision and the amount you pay will depend on your circumstances, like your tax residency status, investment choices and scheme selection and selection of the appropriate tax calculation method. We help with all these issues and more.

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NZ's leader in QROPS info and advice

Welcome to New Zealand's leading source of independent information on QROPS, tax, pension legislation and UK pension transfers. We are one of the largest and most recognised UK pension transfer specialists in the country.

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LATEST: UK Gov to effect 40% of all UK pensions

Under drastic recent budget proposals all unfunded UK final salary (defined benefit) pension schemes will no longer be able to be transferred out of the UK from April 2015. This effects public sector schemes such as the NHS, teachers, local government, armed forces, police and firefighters. As these schemes are unfunded the UK government is concerned about their liability and reducing exposure to a significant problem. If you have a UK pension (non state pensions) these changes effect you…Read More

- the 5 steps to pension transfer success -


1#  Free Report

Arm yourself with the same information that has provided thousands with confidence to either move their UK pensions to New Zealand or leave them where they are. Get the facts on whether moving your UK pension to New Zealand is the smart thing to do.
Speak to one of our expert consultants free of charge and without obligation and get our FREE REPORT on what’s important to you when moving your UK pension to New Zealand QROPS scheme.

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2#  Assess

The decision to transfer a UK pension is a big one and you need to fully understand the financial and tax implications. Our UK advisers provide a customised pro’s and con’s analysis so you make an informed decision to transfer or not.
Find out about how your Defined Benefit or Final Salary pension schemes like NHS, BP, Royal Mail, Teachers or other UK Government pension benefits stack up against a move to New Zealand under the most recent rule changes both in New Zealand and the UK.
Understand whether your defined contribution scheme will be better left in the UK, or whether the triviality rules might favour you.



30% better off on average with a pension transfer


£256bn deficit in UK final salary schemes

3#  Decide

If a transfer looks like the right thing to do – you then need to select the right New Zealand QROPS for your current and future needs. This is not a one size fits all scenario. We work with you to assess variables like your tax status, investment profile and whether you want to invest in sterling funds or kiwi dollar funds and future intentions to name but a few to determine the right scheme for you.
Our independent licensed NZ advisers then work with you to select the right NZ QROPS scheme and because we are not tied to any one scheme you won’t get shoehorned into a scheme that doesn’t fit – Instead, we help you select the right one for you!



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4#  Transfer

With these important steps complete we can now transfer your funds to your destination New Zealand QROPS scheme. Transferring your UK pension will be one of the more important financial decisions you make, right up there with buying a home or making other important investment decisions. Our processes ensure you’ve made this decision fully informed and you can then rest assured you have done the right thing.
Your dedicated case manager on our UK team will work with your New Zealand based consultant to ensure your pension transfer runs smoothly from start to finish.


UK and NZ based teams


dealt with over 2,000 UK


5#  Continuously assess

Because the HMRC wants to know what is going on with your funds for 10 years after you transfer your UK pension to a QROPS, you need to know that the QROPS you are going into has longevity and is committed to reporting.


We’ve provided assistance to thousands of others just like you looking for the best solution for their UK pensions so get in touch now and we’ll help you arm yourself with everything you need to start the pension transfer process.


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