chart for quarter ended 31 March 2018


Position and Schemesince last
1. Ranfurly Superannuation Scheme
…by Ranfurly Strategic Limited
2. Fidelity Super Super Plan, Number 3
…by Booster Investment Management Limited
up 1
3. Britannia Retirement Scheme
…by Britannia Financial Services
up 2
4. NZ Funds Managed Superannuation Service
…by New Zealand Funds Management Limited
5. IVCM (NZ) PIE Superannuation Fund
…by Lifetime Asset Management Group
up 1
6. Garrison Bridge Superannuation Scheme
…by Lifetime Asset Management Group
down 4


Our analysis

Every three months we go under the hood of the larger New Zealand QROPS superannuation schemes that report quarterly to assess their performance. By looking at how much has come into their schemes over that period we can tell you who is Top of the QROPS.
Topping the charts for the second quarter running is Ranfurly Superannuation Scheme. What’s more Ranfurly Superannuation scheme took in over 35% of the total net fund flows for the quarter, with the Fidelity Super Super Plan second with 25% of the total net fund flows.
Dropping down the charts with the biggest fall for the quarter was Garrison Bridge Superannuation Scheme, which dropped from 2nd to 6th.

Our methodology

Last year the government forced NZ superannuation schemes to lift the bonnett on themselves every three months, by reporting on their fund levels, member number and the funds performance. We look at each schemes previous fund balance then add their reported quarterly growth to that. We then compare that figure with their closing fund balance to determine the net movement in a schemes fund. We then add all the Schemes net fund movements together to determine the total net movement for the scheme. The scheme with the largest net movement, that is the one that attracted the most funds into it, in the quarter comes out Top of the QROPS.